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More than just a hobby, its a way of life

This site is dedicated to anything GASIUS. We will discuss and make available code snippets for Android development using TheGameCreators AGK.

APK hosting for Android applications.

Let us host your APK for download. No we dont offer a service for you to host your paid applications (yet), but you can at least let your users download from our site and then they can play your game in demo mode where you later supply them an activation key once you receive payment. Please note, you are responsible for the protection of your applications, as applications can be downloaded freely from this site, you must maintain your own method of payment.

Hi Score hosting for your games.

Please feel free to use our hi score tracking system. See hi score development link under the code section.

Terms and Conditions of hosting

Applications will be checked for content that should NOT be made available to children, and if we find such content, the application will be deleted. We will not tolerate racism, nudity, or explicit content of any kind. If your agree to these terms, please feel free to upload your applications and host them with us. Your application must be a game, with little or no violence, and absolutley no offensive language.

(AGK) App Game Kit.

Ok, so you want to develop for multiple platforms, but hate having to code changes for each and every os you want to target. Now you can code once and deploy almost anywhere. The App Game Kit allows you to develop your application using TheGameCreators flavour of Basic, or C++.

Personally I prefer developing the games in Basic.

When you are ready, even if your not, you can deploy and run your game (wirelessly) on your Android device, using the AGK player, and see what your game will look like before you build and deploy. (I think it only fair to mention, a wireless router is needed, ADSL or otherwise)

Current most stable version of the AppGameKit Studio V2021.12.06 App Game Kit